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Muppets Most Wanted — MOVIE REVIEW

I’m not a Muppets fan, to be clear. I saw The Muppets with Jason Segel and Amy Adams and I loved it. That is kind of the known fact about the Muppets. They kind of did a revamp when they made that film. People were claiming that if you never even liked the Muppets, that the movie would make you either fall in love for the first time or all over again. And I found this fact to be true. With brilliant songs like “Man or Muppet”, The Muppets sold me and made me fall in love with them. Now we get Muppets Most Wanted. We still have Nicholas Stoller on with a writing credit, but we are without Amy Adams and Jason Segel. They are replaced by new characters and a new plot, bringing in comedic geniuses Ricky Gervais (UK’s “The Office”) and Tina Fey (“30 Rock”) to take center stage. How did the sequel match up?

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How I Met Your Mother “The End of the Aisle” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

This season has definitely been known for its ups and downs, but its good episodes have been really good. If How I Met Your Mother has solidified one thing in my mind, it is that they can nail the serious episodes. This episode, which is the penultimate episode leading up to the one hour season finale next week, was one that had to incorporate serious and comedic elements. And since I already stated how good this show has become at their serious moments, it isn’t hard to predict how I feel about this episode. “The End of the Aisle” definitely had a lot of work to do, as they had to tie off a couple of stories.

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Infamous: Second Son — VIDEO GAME REVIEW

So, I will start this review out by stating that I never actually beat the first two Infamous games. But I had heard that it really wasn’t necessary in order for me to play this one, so I never got around to it. But I will say that playing this game makes we want to go back and play them even more. I had a blast playing Infamous: Second Son. Delsin is an awesome character. Continue reading

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes — VIDEO GAME REVIEW

“Kept you waiting, huh?”

At last we get the awaited newest entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. This game, as it turns out, isn’t a full game. It is the prequel to the official next installment, which is called Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. Now, when you pick up this game, there is a possibility you will be slightly disappointed. If you are disappointed, it is because 1.) You are not a true MGS fan or 2.) You are not a true MGS fan. That is what it comes down to. If you love the MGS series, then you will love this game. Yes, it is short. Apparently, someone completed it in ten minutes with skipping all the cutscenes and just getting right down to it. Well let me get right down to it. This game is beautiful. It looks beautiful, it plays beautifully. And it has an extremely high replay value. And while it only took me about an hour and a half to two hours to complete, this is definitely a game I will be playing again. Continue reading

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The Blacklist “Mako Tanida”– TV EPISODE REVIEW

The Blacklist is one of those weird shows. It is a procedural by nature, but the character of Raymond “Red’ Reddington is just so damn good, that nothing else matters. This show has had an issue lately when it comes to Red. Or should I say, everyone else but Red. Whenever James Spader is not on screen, the show loses about half of my interest. The other characters are just kind of boring. Liz is only interesting when she is with Red and Uncle Mike from Homeland is a bore…most of the time. Then, there is this weeks episde, Mako Tanida. They always name the episodes after whoever the bad guy is and that’s cool I guess. So lets get to business here. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead “The Grove” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

“Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s play some fucking Walker Tag!”

This review is going to be a quick one since I am posting it late anyways. I’ve been behind the eight-ball when it comes to The Walking Dead. I, as a fan, wasn’t happy with the content of this show this season. It has been a slow burn. Then, the Governor happened. Then the tank happened. Then all of the episodes after the tragic mid-season finale just disappointed me. I was bored. I cared more about fricken Bob than about Maggie or Daryl. And that is sad. But this week got me back on the right track. Walking Dead has been doing something the past two episodes that I can say was a good idea. Two words. Character development. Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother “Gary Blauman” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

How I Met Your Mother has definitely had its ups and downs this season. It has been really bad and then really good and then somewhere in the middle. This is pretty much due to having the final season take place over one weekend. This makes them have to use flashbacks in order to use the sets we all have grown to know and love; this being MacLaren’s Pub and the apartment. This week, it brought back a character I may have kind of forgot was on the show at one point. And that character is Gary Blauman. Continue reading

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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom — MOVIE REVIEW

Nelson Mandela has quite a beautiful story behind him and it was a sad day when he passed. In Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom we get a chronological look at his life, with brief glimpses over key events that transpire. Those glimpses include his early life, his education and time as a lawyer, all the way to the 27 years he spent in prison before he goes on to become the South African President and rebuild a segregated society. The film starts with Mandela as a young lawyer who has an attitude about him. But we see his flaws right away. He cheats on his first wife, doesn’t pay attention to his infant son, and drinks and smokes like crazy. But it is in these first glimpses of Mandela, that the film takes off. This is when it moves at the fastest pace. Continue reading

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Is The Last of Us Movie a Good Idea? — Also Casting Choices

So if you haven’t heard, it is true. The Last of Us is being made into a movie. It has been confirmed. The Last of Us was by far, the best game to come out in the past year and there is a reason for that. It has a fantastic story, some of the best characters I’ve ever seen in a video game, graphics to die for, heart-wrenching emotional moments, amazing voice-acting, and an ending that will leave you feeling….feelings. But is it even a good idea to try and mimic this one-of-a-kind video game on the big screen? Isn’t that the question of the day (Ever since seeing Dane DeHaan in the Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer, I’ve always wanted to say that)? Continue reading

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