Heroes Reborn — Brilliant Idea or a Mistake?

So I was sitting at a buddy’s house watching UFC 170 live on pay per view, seeing some pretty decent fights; when all of a sudden, I check my Twitter. And low and behold, there it was. Tweets and retweets galore. The Rousey fight hadn’t even come on yet (Go Rowdy Ronda, by the way!) and I see the news. Apparently, during the Olympics, a quick ten second teaser aired on NBC. Heroes Reborn. No one knows anything about it and it is all speculation at this point, but do we think it is a good idea to resurrect a show that started so high and finished so low? 

Now, I’m not a hater of Heroes. I loved the first season. I was always joke with my friends and family that Heroes really was a one season mini-series. Because the rest of the seasons, at least in my opinion, sucked in comparison. The stories were forced, characters weren’t as natural, and it just got silly. Granted, I didn’t sit and watch the whole series. I attempted to, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it after season three. Even the finale of season one was a letdown. I just choose to overlook it because everything prior was television gold. I’m just going to say one thing. Please, leave the cheerleader alone. If in a few months, another trailer drops and we hear that creepily awesome music along with a whisper that says “Save the cheerleader, save the world”, I am going to flip out. And not the good kind of flip out, when I see John Barrowman of Doctor Who fame on Arrow. Not the fanboy kind of flip out I did when Michael Rosenbaum returned to the final episode of Smallville (its not a spoiler; it ended a few years ago. If you haven’t seen it, that’s your own fault). I’m talking the bad kind of flipped out when I become severely disappointed in an idea that could have been done a whole lot better (*cough* Man of Steel 2).

I am aware that it is being brought back as a limited engagement. I think I read somewhere that they are doing a 12-episode mini series, or something along those lines. I read all of the criticisms for the idea and some of them I agree with. But if ever they were going to do this, now is the time. It will come one year after 24: Live Another Day comes back for a limited 12-episode engagement. If 24 is successful, which I sincerely hope it is; then Heroes Reborn could be a brilliant idea. They are literally capitilizing off of the excitement for what 24 is doing. I give the Heroes creators credit for trying to resurrect this thing. But there are a couple of things they need to stay away from.

I already mentioned to cut the cheerleader out. I don’t hate Hayden Panettiere; I don’t even dislike her. She was the cute kid from Remember the Titans (no I don’t watch that soap opera called Nashville). But rehashing old storylines that already out-stayed their welcome is a bad idea with a capital B. Now we come to the problem question. Which characters or stories do we bring back? In my opinion…none of them. I loved Jack Coleman and his horn-rimmed-glasses. I loved Nathan Petrelli and Quinto’s brilliantly evil Sylar aka Gabriel Gray. I loved a good amount of the cast to be honest. Even the “Hulk-turned-multiple-personalites” character played by Ali Larter. But you can’t make Mohinder interesting again. You can’t make me care about Peter or Linderman or any of them again. You had great characters. They turned silly; at least most of them did. If you do this series, you have to start fresh. This is a limited engagement. It is called that because the future for a potential full-time show depends entirely on the reception and success of this mini series. 24 is doing the same thing and I have faith in my Jack Bauer. If Tim Kring wants Heroes to be considered a success again, he needs to create new characters. Ones that exist in the same world that are just as interesting, if not more.

I will admit that when I watched the teaser trailer, I got a little giddy when I heard the sounds that sounded very similar to the Heroes intro music. I got giddy because I used to love that theme. It was awesome and fit the show quite well. The other reason is because if done right, I will watch and appreciate Heroes again. I just don’t want them to make the mistake of going back to something that clearly wasn’t working. So scrap the characters and create something new. I know how much you guys loved Mohinder’s narration at the beginning and end of every episode; but he needs to go too.

So is this a mistake or a brilliant idea? I can’t make a claim for either right now. I have to wait until some casting/character news surfaces before I pass judgment (again, *cough* Man of Steel 2). But I think Tim Kring could have the vision and as long as he doesn’t attached to his old characters or give into his ego, I think we may have a good idea on our hands. So, if there are brand new characters, I am all for it. But if I see Masi Oka or Greg Grunberg in casting news, I am going to be let down. So whether it will be a mistake or genius; only time will tell.

-Written by T.M.

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