True Detective Episode 7 Review — “After You’ve Gone”


“My whole life is this expanding circular fuck-up and I’m about to get clipped in a home invasion. What I’m saying is, I was aware that I might have lost my mind.” I swear I could go episode-by-episode and just pull out these amazing lines, mostly said by McConaughey’s Rust Cohle. The writing is just spectacular. The dialogue blows me away week after week. 

So here we are with episode seven, the penultimate episode. Next week this season will be over and we will have to move on from these two wonderfully fleshed-out characters. So let’s get right down to the action in this episode.

Everyone is going to want to talk about that fricken lawnmower man and how everyone knew he had something to do with all of this back in episode three. But we will get to that. First, lets talk Rust and Marty. How awesome was their scene at the bar? Like, seriously, the back and forth between these was intense and a thrill to watch. Loved the line when Marty tells Rust “If you were drowning, I’d throw you a fucking barbell.” Just brutal. But at this point, what is he supposed to say. Rust was equally as brilliant with convincing Marty to take a look at his storage container. And what a storage container that was.

Is it just me or are those giant pictures and wall art a distraction? If I was trying to bring all of these threads together and needed a visual, I wouldn’t paint large symbols all over the place and have giant pictures of the cults up. It’s distracting. But that’s just me. Back to talking up how amazing these two are together in their scenes. The one where Marty watches the tape of Marie Fontenot…damn. Just damn. McConaughey’s stone cold stare waiting for Harrelson’s brilliant reaction tells the whole story. We don’t need to see what is actually on the tape and I’m glad they cut away. We know it’s bad based on Marty’s scream and disgust. We have an imagination and we can use it. That scene gave me chills. Powerful stuff.

I know everyone is freaking out about lawnmower man and his kind of too on-the-nose line at the end. We have one episode left and there is probably a lot that needs to get shown, but I still can’t help but feel that there is more at play here. Maybe the theories of Marty or Rust being behind this is a little farfetched, but there has got to be something else going on. I know the lawnmower man isn’t the Yellow King. Plus, was his scars even that bad? Would you describe him as a “Spaghetti Monster” if you saw him? I wouldn’t. And you would think for a man who dwells on the past, that Cohle would remember scars like that if they stood out. What I want is to meet the goddamned Senator. The Tuttle guy. I know Jay O. Sanders’ character is dead (Fucking Ranch Wilder from Angels in the Outfield), but I want to meet his (brother?) face to face. We know he is the big bad. He has to be.

Also, what the hell is going on with Marty’s daughter? She is taking meds and drawing paintings? I know it isn’t completely irrational behavior but it would seem kind of odd to me. What happened to his daughter that she needs to take medication? Did I miss something? I think something happened to her. And that’s going to come around in the finale. It might have something to do with Hart and his possible or not involvement with the Yellow King. But there is more at play here. On that video, there was more than just a couple people getting down to business with that girl, which is horrifying and disgusting by the way.

Also, how creepy was that old lady they went and interviewed? She goes off spewing nonsense about Carcosa and it legitimately gave me goosebumps. And not the kind I get when McConaughey has a badass line. The kind that freaks me the hell out. I thought a tatted up dude, walking around in a gas mask and undies wielding a machete was creepy. Nope, this lady takes the cake. Her nonsense has to come back, as do a few other things; like someone with the name Childress for instance.

Back to Rust and Marty. Seeing them together again was bittersweet. They actually seemed like friends once it got going. It was really because they both suck and have no lives, but they got to share with each other. Rust actually giving a shit about Marty’s life was pretty cool.

But we have another hour ahead of us in this brilliant show and I for one can not wait. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us. Whether a twist is dropped on us, or its just plain and simple and straightforward for an ending, or they go out in a blaze of glory; I don’t care. I’m in for the long haul. But if my insides are correct, I am sensing that this isn’t going to have an ending for anyone. Not Cohle, not Hart, and certainly not the viewers.



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