How I Met Your Mother Final Season — Has It Overstayed It’s Welcome?

Let me just start out by saying that I am a huge How I Met Your Mother fan. I have watched it since it first aired and I haven’t missed an episode. It is a brilliant comedy on the CBS network. When this show first started out, everyone wondered how a story about a man meeting his future wife could run past one season. And then we kind of got a feel for the structure of the show. It worked on a high scale, mostly due to the chemistry of all five main characters. But now it is in it’s final season; season nine. And I know so many fans that already jumped off the viewing party because of its length. Is this the main problem with How I Met Your Mother? Has it just been around too long?

Every regular cast member of this show is a true character. And by that I mean that they are real people that you could see yourself running into on the street one day. This show works because we love to laugh and we love to cry. And this show is very good and juggling the comedy with the dramatic moments as well. Everyone’s heart tore into pieces when Marshall’s (played by Jason Segel) father passed away. Marshall cried and everyone watching did as well. This show is a rare gem. If you look at most of the other sitcoms on TV right now, how many of them can actually handle dramatic material? The Big Bang Theory is very funny…in phases. But its better at its sweet moments, more than anything overly dramatic. I don’t think there’s another show like How I Met Your Mother out there.

But I can’t help but feel that this show has run its course, twice-fold. You can see a drop in quality in the back half of the seasons. After season four, maybe five, you really see a decrease in quality; in terms of comedy. There are still many hilarious bits that make you laugh out loud, but its not the same comedy we were used to. That’s why a lot of fans jumped ship. This season for instance, had some really good episodes. But they were all of the serious ones. We were introduced to the Mother (played brilliantly by the adorable Cristin Milioti). And we got to know her and instantly, we fell in love. We see what Ted will eventually see in her. And it is called perfection, people. But where is the comedy? I have chuckled a lot this season. But I haven’t had many of those laugh-out-loud moments. Is it because they have toned Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney character because of his wedding? I honestly don’t know. But this isn’t the same How I Met Your Mother I fell in love with when it first started.

But I’m not saying its still not a good show. Because it is. I’d rather watch this show over Big Bang Theory or any of the other CBS sitcoms any day of the week. How I Met Your Mother on its worst day is still damn good television. It just sucks knowing how good it once was. Why do I stick around? A couple reasons. First of all, I’m invested. I’m invested in the series and the characters. I’m mostly invested in Ted. Ted Mosby is played by the amazing Josh Radnor. I can’t say enough about that guy as an actor, writer, or just an artist in general. If you haven’t seen his film “Liberal Arts”, do it and do it now. But Josh plays the role so well that we can relate to him very easily. Out of all the characters, I feel the most for Ted because I’m almost an exact replica of Ted. Same personality, same situations, it is uncanny. I’m not as old, but everyone I know claims that when I’m older, I will be Ted Mosby. If that means I get to marry Cristin Milioti, sign my ass up!

There are only four episodes left of the final season and I just can’t help but wonder why there isn’t more urgency with this show. The final season should have their best material. Instead we get an episode with a slapping tree and just ridiculousness. The last few may be amazing and they might throw in a horribly sad twist in the finale to play with our heart strings, but this show really has been on the air too long. I think they’ve run out of ideas and are throwing themselves back into familiar territory over and over again, in order to keep the show going.

Like I said, I’m a huge fan of this show and I will stick it out till the end. But it has become abundantly clear that this show dropped after season five. I love these characters and it has become a ritual in my household to watch them every week a new episode is on. I’m excited to see where we go from here in the next few weeks, but overall I do think this show has overstayed it’s welcome. I will be happy and sad when its all over. The How I Met Your Mother series finale will air on Monday, March 31st.

–Written by T.M.

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