Hannibal “Sakizuki” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

“I believe you.”

Okay, so holy shit. That was kind of disgusting. That opening scene, as amazing as it was, was actually pretty gross. Watching that dude tear up his skin as he stretches his way lose from other bodies was just rough. Glad I wasn’t eating at that time. Also, his fall was brutally unsympathetic. Just…bam, bye-bye. Hannibal is at it’s highest quality right now. It doesn’t look like it is going to let up any time soon.

So this episode pretty much wrapped up the investigation into the disgusting “Circle People Mural” killer. Was he given a nickname? If so, I missed it. To me, he is the Circle People Mural Killer. But Will is doing what he needs to do to better his situation. And he knows what he is doing. I will say that the acting on this show is straight up impeccable. The main three this episode are just performing at a level that is hard to match. Who are the top 3? Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen (of course), and…Gillian Anderson. That’s right, fricken Scully is acting out of her mind right now. She replaces both Laurence Fishburne and Caroline Dhavernas at the top of the acting pinnacle that is Hannibal. Dhavernas’ Alana Bloom definitely showed off her acting skills last season, but so far, she really hasn’t had to do a whole hell of a lot. Fishburne on the other hand, has to play the conflicted cop who wants to believe that Will is innocent but simply can’t.

The scenes with Dancy and Mikkelsen are just raw power. Champion versus champion. The acting is so top-notch that you can’t help but just look on and appreciate what is happening. Also, was I the only one busting out laughing at some of Lecter’s lines this week? From “I love your work!” to “Not with that attitude”; his delivery was just spot on. Hannibal getting to the farm first and doing his whole thing was definitely the second best moment in this episode. Seeing him in plastic zip-up jacket was oddly funny. Only because he didn’t want to inconvenience himself enough to change out of his stylish suits. Just looked kinda strange. But it adds to the comedy. And seeing Will figure out this case was brilliant, as usual. I got chills when he placed himself inside of the Circle Mural and looked up and saw the fricken creepy deer head that he always sees in place of Hannibal. I saw that deer head and almost lost it. Goosebumps.

I also appreciate seeing Hannibal work as Graham’s role on the case. Seeing him notice that Beverly has met with Will was funny; as was Crawford’s reaction. What was better was Crawford knowing that they needed Will. He may not want to accept the fact that he thinks the man is innocent, but at least he doesn’t force Beverly to stop meeting with Will. Good job, Crawford. But I do find it kind of funny how Hannibal is this intelligent, brilliant, scheming man but he can’t see he is being played. Will obviously knows that Hannibal could have killed him. But why didn’t he? I think he knows that Hannibal is fascinated by his brain and that he appreciates their friendship or whatever you want to call it. He is using that to get close to Hannibal to pick his brain. And Hannibal took the bait. Du Maurier saw it, that’s why she bluntly said that they deserve each other. She knows that they both are manipulating each other.

Which brings me to my last point. How amazing is Gillian Anderson in this role? She is ice cold but she is amazing. Having that stone cold face she has to put on to make it seem like she doesn’t let shit get to her anymore; but also showing fear when Hannibal steps near her was just another brilliant shot of acting on this show. I love her character and I’m sad to see her leave. I’m pretty sure the empty apartment at the end when Hannibal wanted to kill her signifies that she will be back but her schedule is all messed up because of her new show, Crisis. So, let’s just hope that gets cancelled so we can get her back on Hannibal! I kid, I kid. I hope her show does well. She is an amazing actress who apparently ages backwards. I mean, seriously, how in the hell did she get more attractive with age? That blonde hair looks good on her compared to the red. She looks amazing and younger than she did when she was on The X-Files. Strange how that works. But the best scene of the episode, by far, was the ending. With Du Maurier visiting Will before taking off for a while. They have their little dance about Hannibal and then the slow approach before dropping the bombshell that she believes him. He knows that she knows and it sucks that she’s leaving because more scenes with them would’ve been awesome. Not even counting that they could make an interesting partnership on here, or even just as allies. But her acting, once again, is just excellent.

Hannibal is only two episodes in and it is not slowing down or toning down the gore. It gets grosser and grosser every week and I love it. Keep up the good work, guys. This is easily one of the best shows on TV right now. If you’re missing it, then I really legitimately feel bad for you. It is a beauty to look at with all of it’s imagery and all of the acting showcases make this a delight to watch. Also, that leg oddly looked appetizing, in a distant “eww thats still a leg” kind of way.


+: Gillian Anderson approaching Will in his cell

+: Funny dialogue from Hannibal

+: Amazing acting all around the board

+: Disgusting gore…but I love it

+: Will’s ways for analyzing their cases still blows my mind

+: That opening scene…YUCK


-: After Sex and the City, is Cynthia Nixon a bitch in EVERYTHING?

-: I want more from Alana Bloom



A- (Excellent)

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