Parks and Recreation “New Slogan” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

“New Slogan” brought us yet another Duke Silver appearance in Parks and Recreation. I always love seeing that jazzy fellow make an appearance. It is usually once or twice a year, we actually get an episode with him or an episode that references him. Nick Offerman really is perfect as Ron Swanson. Not enough words in existence could possibly describe how perfect Offerman is as Ron. But this episode also showed us more of Leslie’s obsessive ways to get shit done (or not get shit done).

With the Pawnee and Eagleton merger, Leslie took it upon herself to introduce the idea of making a new slogan. The one for Pawnee can’t stand because it is no longer JUST Pawnee anymore. This brought us to a funny appearance by Crazy Ira and The Douche with their especially crude yet funny slogan idea. Of course, they call Leslie “Butt stick”. That was pretty funny. But actually seeing Leslie take a step back for once was kind of nice. It looked to be going well for a little bit. Until we got that cameo by Parker Posey, being bad with grammar.

The Andy and Ron story had its good parts but it really didn’t go anywhere. I’d like to think this will come back before the end of the season. But, Andy finding out about Duke Silver really led to nothing but Andy swearing to keep his secret. Not that there weren’t some funny fricken lines in there, but it just didn’t seem all that important. But the story I really liked was the one with the least amount of screen time. That was Tom trying to find a spot for a restaurant and April and Donna trying to sabotage it. It was sweet to hear that they both don’t want him to leave but it was even nicer seeing Tom acknowledge that he has grown up and matured over the last year. This lead to a nice moment.

A lot of funny moments this week in Parks and Recreation. Larry and his belt, Ben’s Panda with a penis for a hat, and Andy’s list of secrets. All of these stories worked well even if one or two of them seem like we’ve seen them before. Especially the Leslie one. But that one ended on a funny note with the sign being put in the wrong place. The end tag between her and Ben was especially touching for the final scene. This wasn’t the best episode we’ve seen of this show but it did have its funny moments and hopefully laying groundwork for good things to come. Rest in Jazz.


+: Larry’s belt problem

+: Rest in Jazz

+: April and Donna trying to sabotage Tom

+: Tom growing up

+: Ben’s Panda

+: Nick Kroll is always funny as The Douche

+: Leslie and Ben’s last scene

+: Andy finding out about Duke….


-: …but hopefully it goes somewhere.

-: Leslie’s story seems overdone at this point



B (Good)

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