How I Met Your Mother “Gary Blauman” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

How I Met Your Mother has definitely had its ups and downs this season. It has been really bad and then really good and then somewhere in the middle. This is pretty much due to having the final season take place over one weekend. This makes them have to use flashbacks in order to use the sets we all have grown to know and love; this being MacLaren’s Pub and the apartment. This week, it brought back a character I may have kind of forgot was on the show at one point. And that character is Gary Blauman.

Gary Blauman, played by Cobie Smulder’s real life husband Taran Killam, has appeared on the show a couple times throughout the course of its run. He came back in this episode and pretty much, the story was everyone remembering their stories with him and debating whether each character either loved or hated him. Blauman worked with Barney at GNB. Yes, he was that guy who was always buddy-buddy with the guy who always said “steak sauce”. He was also the guy who got fired and urinated on a desk. Sorry, he attempted to urinate on a desk. The flashback clips were mostly pretty funny, showing why our main characters loved or hated him.

In our other story, that takes place three days after the wedding, we get to see Ted and the Mother’s first date. This was actually a very sweet segment. Every good moment this year has been when these two were on screen. Their chemistry is ridiculous. They both are quirky and awesome, and they can convey that to each other on-screen and I love it. I love seeing all of their moments and milestones that they keep flash forwarding to. But this one was different, because they didn’t know each other yet. They had just met at their wedding and it was their first date. Come on guys! The first date; kind of a big deal. Them almost running into her ex boyfriend who she dumped a few days prior forced her to re-examine things a bit. Maybe she isn’t in the best place to start dating yet. And we can see Ted’s face drop. He is crushed because he legitimately likes her. And he doesn’t want her to be another missed opportunity. And they just walk as he tells the “Gary Blauman” story. And then we get to the end when he walks her home and we can see Ted’s face. He has to go but he doesn’t want to. Bob Saget intervenes with his narration telling his kids that usually at the end of a date when she wants to go home, he would make a big speech about how they were meant to be together and all of that Ted blah blah blah corniness. But then you hear him say he didn’t need to this time because he knew it’d all work out. When the Mother calls for him first, he mutters an “oh, thank God!” and it was a very nice moment, followed by yet another milestone. The first kiss! This was a very good story for this week.

Back to Blaumann. This story wasn’t as good as the first date, but it had its funny moments. The curly fry bit was just way too funny. Lily’s story with Blauman wasn’t that good. Ted and Barney’s was hysterical. I loved Ted’s reaction when he realized he was who was being fought for in the Teddy Roosevelt thing. I also loved when Lily made the ridiculous claim that Barney should have just gotten all curly fries. “Regular cut with a few accidental curlies. That’s the dream.” This entire segment with Marshall, Ted, Barney, and Lily was comedy gold. Then, we got Billy Zabka’s over-appreciation for someone who knew him for his poetry instead of his Karate Kid role. But for someone who doesn’t like to be remembered for that, he sure did care an awful lot about people getting his move right. And for once in forever on this show, we got a good episode with Wayne Brady. Not only was this episode pretty damn good, but Brady had some cool moments too. His story made sense for his character and this led to the epic one-shot montage at the end.

I thought it was odd to bring Killam back for the one of the final episode ever of this show. But it did serve a couple purposes. To have one more moment that all of these guys get to share in flashbacks. And also to frame Ted and the Mother’s date around something. And lastly, to set up that awesome scene at the end with all of the guest stars. We got returns from Kevin, Jeanette, Ranjit, Scooter, Zooey, Sandy Rivers (hilarious!), the Blitz, and even Blah Blah (who’s name is Carol apparently). Not only was that scene awesome and cool at the same tim; but it was also impressive. The scrolling scene was done in one shot. Impressive stuff.

So overall, this episode worked on almost every level for me. I loved it. Had an odd premise, but they had a good reason for Killam’s return. Robin was missing from 80% of the episode which was weird, but it didn’t detract from the quality at all. I do find it interesting that Ted did with the Mother what he was unable to do with Robin. And that is to seal the first date with a kiss. So that was pretty awesome.


+: The curly fry bit

+: “You take a man’s wife before you take his accidental curly.”

+: Ted and the Mother’s entire date

+: Zabka’s reaction when someone knew him for his poetry

+: Wayne Brady put to good use…for once.

+: All of the returning guest stars for an impressive and awesome scene that was done in one shot



-: How few scenes we’ve gotten with Josh Radnor and Cristin Milioti. They are fantastic together always and I want more. A lot more.

-: Lily’s Blauman story fell flat to me.



B (Good)

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