The Blacklist “Mako Tanida”– TV EPISODE REVIEW

The Blacklist is one of those weird shows. It is a procedural by nature, but the character of Raymond “Red’ Reddington is just so damn good, that nothing else matters. This show has had an issue lately when it comes to Red. Or should I say, everyone else but Red. Whenever James Spader is not on screen, the show loses about half of my interest. The other characters are just kind of boring. Liz is only interesting when she is with Red and Uncle Mike from Homeland is a bore…most of the time. Then, there is this weeks episde, Mako Tanida. They always name the episodes after whoever the bad guy is and that’s cool I guess. So lets get to business here.

We end last week on a big cliffhanger. Liz’s husband Tom is a bad guy. He isn’t really in love with Liz. He is only doing it as a job. He is working with Jolene (loved that song last week), who is played by that girl from House of Cards. So you’d think with learning that Red was right all along, we’d go straight into that story. Wrong. Instead we get this asian guy escaping from prison and killing agents.

Agent Ressler really is the focus this week as he gets a little revenge storyline here. He loses Audrey, for good, just three months after getting her back. Damn that Mako Tanida. Okay, usually Diego Klattenhoff’s character of Agent Ressler is a bore; a complete and utter bore. Even more so than he was on Homeland. But this week, the guy killed it acting-wise. He lost his love and had to take matters into his own hands. The scene towards the end where he wants his former best friend to pick up the blade was filled with emotion. His line about how Red is responsible for getting Audrey back was pure amazingness. I was very impressed by him. And his last scene where he sees the pregnancy test, was awful. In a good way. You see it all on his face and your heart literally breaks for him when that makes everything like a thousand times worse. This is probably a way to get him and Liz to hook up. But how; she’s married? Well lets get to her story.

Tom got the side story here as he was dealing with Jolene and her meddling in his home life. He was eager to put her in her place whenever the opportunity presented itself. So yeah, she’s dead and so is Cowboy, played by Lance Reddick. That is such a shame because I have watched Reddick in almost all of his roles and he is an amazing actor. Wish we could’ve gotten more from him in this show. But I did laugh when Tom took off his stupid looking glasses when he was going to go all “beast mode” on the two. But next week’s should be pretty damn good as it looks like Tom’s secrets are going to come to the forefront and he is going to have to deal with Liz.

Also, side note; how awesome is the music on this show? Two good songs this week. Also seeing Red throw the snowball like a kid was funny as hell and a light moment in an action packed episode. Plus the ending with him watching Swan Lake was a nice touch; especially if this was one of his last memories with his daughter (whether it is Liz or not). I hope she is his daughter. It would add so much more weight to everything. But the main guy this episode was Ressler, and the story payed off as we learned more about him.


+: Diego Klattenhoff’s acting

+: The few scenes Spader was in

+: Emotional moments that did pay off quite well

+: The head in the box

+: Awesome songs, week after week


-: Not enough Red!

-: I hate Tom. I know I’m supposed to, but can he just go away now?

-: Bad guy of the week did nothing for me



B (Good)

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