The Walking Dead “The Grove” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

“Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s play some fucking Walker Tag!”

This review is going to be a quick one since I am posting it late anyways. I’ve been behind the eight-ball when it comes to The Walking Dead. I, as a fan, wasn’t happy with the content of this show this season. It has been a slow burn. Then, the Governor happened. Then the tank happened. Then all of the episodes after the tragic mid-season finale just disappointed me. I was bored. I cared more about fricken Bob than about Maggie or Daryl. And that is sad. But this week got me back on the right track. Walking Dead has been doing something the past two episodes that I can say was a good idea. Two words. Character development.

This show could be so much better if it focused more on developing the characters rather than trying to throw enough action in. I love dramas. I will sit and listen to these characters talk, if it develops them further. I like that shit. I like that they’ve been doing that the past two weeks. And this week’s episode…man it was a doozey! The Grove was the best episode this season by far. It was unforgiving and brutal and just had some terrific acting all around the board.

This week focused on Tyreese, Lizzie, Carol, Mika, and Judith. I love that they focused on one group this week. It made it all that much better. So, holy shit. One, what the hell was up with “Walker Tag” and secondly, Lizzie is the definition of bat-shit crazy. Love the actress. I want her agent. Walking Dead AND True Detective in the same year? Shit, I want some of that action. Anyways, she’s crazy and everyone knew it. They maybe didn’t know she was THAT crazy but they knew she had some loose screws up there. But them returning to THAT?!!! Damn.

The death of Mika really got to me. I honestly didn’t care that much about the two sisters. Just because most of these characters really aren’t that well written. But this episode made me give a shit. Maybe even two shits. It hit me hard. Seeing Lizzie covered in her blood…yikes! Carol and Tyreese knew what had to be done. It was rough and brutal, like I said above. Two deaths this week. Mika and Lizzie. And it got the feels going in me, I tell you. I honestly thought they were going to either kill Judith or somehow make the zombie baby. That would’ve been bold. I wanted that to happen in the midseason finale just because it’d produce some shock value. But if this episode is a sign of things to come on this show; it’s two steps in the right direction. Final note: girl that wants to be friends with a walker clearly has issues. So stop handing her the freaking infant! They don’t have to anymore. Oh, and I am not addressing this as much as I should; but that Tyreese and Carol scene where she confesses the crime, was as intense as this show gets. And there was no action! It is scenes like that one that get me excited for the potential of this show. Great job all around on this one guys.


+: The feels.

+: Carol making a very hard choice. But it was the right one.

+: Walker tag

+: “WHAT IF I KILLED YOU?!!!” –Chills. Straight up goosebumps.

+: “I forgive you.”

+: Intensity between Carol and Tyreese

+: Both deaths this week made a BIG impact

+: Acting from all four of them. Amazing

+: Character development, suspense, drama, and good writing.


-: Keep the infant away from the crazy person!

-: The terminus story is getting old and it really hasn’t begun yet. Ugh.



B+ (Good)

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