How I Met Your Mother “The End of the Aisle” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

This season has definitely been known for its ups and downs, but its good episodes have been really good. If How I Met Your Mother has solidified one thing in my mind, it is that they can nail the serious episodes. This episode, which is the penultimate episode leading up to the one hour season finale next week, was one that had to incorporate serious and comedic elements. And since I already stated how good this show has become at their serious moments, it isn’t hard to predict how I feel about this episode. “The End of the Aisle” definitely had a lot of work to do, as they had to tie off a couple of stories.

So the stories this week were split into two. We had Barney with Marshall and Lily as Barney was attempting to perfect his vows. And then there was the Robin and Ted story. Yes, THE Robin and Ted story. The one that was set up years back with the flash-forward showing Robin getting cold feet. And all because of that damn Locket. I’m glad they addressed this story. Even though we saw Ted letting the balloon go that is Robin (which was a cheesy and horrible looking scene a few weeks back), there was no concrete proof that Ted was over her. I’m glad we got that story wrapped up before the finale. The Barney story had its funny moments but it really shined because of Marshall and Lily. Their relationship has been the core of this show for so long. They have the perfect relationship (the ups and downs along with all of the good stuff) and everyone on the show knows it.

Their story split off when Barney made it apparent that both of them had already broken the vows they made on their wedding day. This allowed a very sweet yet kind of funny moment where they kind of renew their vows, while updating them. But the main core of this episode was Ted giving Robin that locket. I will say that, when Robin freaked out about marrying Barney saying that she should marry Ted instead, I was cringing hardcore. It was something I didn’t want to hear. I was shouting in my head “NO TED! Don’t go there!” And I am glad he didn’t. How amazing is Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby. I have always connected with the character of Ted on a personal level because I am so similar to him. So when he stepped up to the plate and told Robin that Barney was the one she should be marrying (while also trying to come up with an awesome and hilarious fake story for how Barney found the locket). This episode is filled with lines that I may be quoting for years to come. When Ted told her that she maybe doesn’t know him that well if she thought he would do anything to jeopardize the wedding, it brought a smile to my face. In that moment, I felt the victory with Ted.

That is what is amazing about this show. After nine years, I can still feel feelings on a strong emotional level with these characters. In this episode, it was all Ted. Okay, maybe a little bit of Marshmallow and Lilypad. Ted had an amazing line tonight while convincing Robin to marry Barney. I hate putting this in quotations because I don’t know if it is the exact line or not, but whatever. He said: “Love doesn’t make sense! But its the best that we do. Even when it doesn’t make sense, it makes sense.” God, I loved Ted in that moment. I wanted to pull out the Daniel Bryan #YES movement and start pointing my fingers in the air while chanting “YES! YES! YES!”. Sometimes the writing can still surprise me on this show, and I love it for it. About time Mosby, about time. Also, the inclusion of the song “Future Days” by Pearl Jam off of their new album Lightning Bolt was flipping amazing. An emotional song, which everyone should check out. Just amazing. Amazing song and great placement in the episode. Eddie Vedder makes everything better.

There were also a couple other thing to tie off in this episode. Ted and Robin’s whole debacle is tied off. We saw the final slap, which was surprising when it happened even though it wasn’t as big of a moment as I would have liked. Lily and Marshall’s amazing relationship continues to grow and they showed that to great effect. Robin met The Mother in a cute scene, because of the ALWAYS AMAZING CRISTIN MILIOTI. Although, the “detective” line was a little on the nose for me. Almost trying to be too identical to Ted. But it was adorable so I instantly forgave it. The ring bear, of course that had to show up. And the wedding is done. Robin and Barney are officially wed. Now what? Ted has to meet the Mother in the finale and that is all I know for sure. I like that I am going into the final episode not knowing what is going to happen or how many of my heart string they are going to tug. I prefer it that way. One more hour to go, and it is probably going to be rough for me…but amazing in quality.


+: The serious moments really hit home with me.

+: Eddie Vedder makes everything better. Always.

+: All of the stories really worked this week and not just one like most weeks.

+: Josh Radnor. He would probably be my best friend in real life if I knew him. He killed it this week with his acting.

+: This show’s ability to still make me connect on an emotional level with these characters.

+: Ted’s stance towards Robin. Expertly handled.

+: Cristin Milioti continues to be adorable. She should’ve been in more episodes.

+: Lilypad and Marshmallow. Still growing after 9 years of being one of the best couples on TV.


-: I still wanted a lot more of Cristin Milioti

-: The final slap wasn’t as big as I wanted


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