Arrow “Deathstroke” — TV EPISODE REVIEW


Arrow keeps killing it, week after week. Aside from that snooze fest of “Birds of Prey” of course. But they returned to from this week with the episode called “Deathstroke” which featured well…Deathstroke. We got a lot of Slade Wilson this week which is ALWAYS an awesome thing. But there were a lot of interesting things in play this week and it led to one of the best episodes of the season so far.

So last week ending with Slade kind of kidnapping Thea. And Manu Bennett had some amazing acting in this episode. Not only did he play the villain to absolute perfection, but he also showed some range in the flashbacks. With Thea being kidnapped, this put Oliver into a tailspin of emotion. He was pissed at Slade, upset and stressed at life because there is so much shit going on, among other emotions going on.

This was pretty much the only story this week. We got to see what Oliver does for his family when he pushed into a corner, and it isn’t pretty. He did some stupid things in this episode. But they are all completely believable for his character; or any grief-stricken character for that matter. But Slade has his plan and it worked to perfection. He put Oliver through so much psychological damage, I can’t wait to see them fight. Flashbacks or present or both; I don’t care. I want to see it.

Some twists and turns came in this episode. Slade was a dick…like eighteen thousand times. He told Thea about who her real father is. And that ending with Laurel had my mouth open like a stupid fish. I didn’t think that would happen. I thought he’d kidnap her or beat her up to get to Ollie. Turns out, all he has to do is tell her that he is the Arrow. Ballsy move, Slade. But this was a super dramatic episode.

Quentin Lance FINALLY got reprimanded for working with the Arrow. About damn time. I was wondering how long he could get away with hitting other cops to let him get away. We also saw the return of not one but two characters who kind of just randomly disappeared for five or six weeks. We got Isabel Rochev and Sebastian Blood back. Thank you Arrow writers! Thank you for giving Isabel a point. I knew right when Oliver wrote that note what was going to happen. I cringed but in a good way because I knew shit was going to go down. And considering that I knew what her story in the comics was, I’m excited to see what direction they take her character in.

Also, we got Roy leaving the squad. He was the douchey voice of reason this week, telling us and everyone why Oliver is being a dumbass. And he’s not wrong. Every decision Oliver has made when his emotions are at a high, are pretty stupid. Signing over your company “temporarily”? Come on, dude. That was a dumb move, even if she was Pepper fricken Potts. We got some good flashbacks and an awesome present day story too. I am loving this season so damn much. It is intense. I can’t wait to see what happens next or how this season will end. Oh, and nice tease with showing Malcolm Merlyn in a little vision of Moira’s. Bring him back ASAP. His acting is awesome. He is Captain Jack Harkness for crying out loud. But yeah, Deathstroke was pretty terrifying as well.


+: Stephen Amell and Manu Bennett acting their asses off

+: Slade’s reaction to his name “Deathstroke”

+: Shado still affecting Slade’s mind

+: Isabel fricken Rochev showing up….FOR ONCE

+: Roy was the voice of reason (even if he did it in a douchebag way)

+: Laurel finding out about the Arrow

+: Pretty much everything in this episode


-: Oliver was pretty stupid with some things.

-: I still don’t care about Thea


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