How I Met Your Mother Series Finale “Last Forever” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

Would’ve been perfect had it ended there…

How I Met Your Mother is a milestone show when it comes to sitcoms. It was one of those shows that really brought a new take on sitcoms. There have been serious aspects and some very funny aspects. But the way they have told their story was fresh and new compared to any sitcom out there. They told the stories how we tell stories in every day life. We flash back and sometimes those stories get interrupted by other stories. And they didn’t always work, but when they did work; they REALLY worked. But did the series finale live up to the rest of the series? “Last Forever” was really two episodes (or one hour long episode) and they had a lot of material to throw in here.

There will be oh so many spoilers in this review. So, if you haven’t heard about the disappointment most fans had with this episode or you didn’t watch it; get the hell out of here. You have been warned. So, obviously, the intent of this last episode going in was to have Ted meet the Mother. But there were so many other things they had to throw in this episode. This episode spanned many years after the wedding took place. This episode did one thing in the first ten minutes that is really hard to do. They made the entire season (20-some episodes) pointless. The entire final season of this show took place during one wedding weekend at the Farhampton Inn; for Barney and Robin’s wedding. And in the first ten minutes of the series finale, they get a divorce. Really, guys? I knew from the opening scene with the flashback of inducting Robin into the group officially and the divorce where it was going to go. I hoped to hell I was wrong, but I wasn’t. But more on that later (picture that in a Bob Saget voice).

As I was saying, this episode had a lot of ground to cover. There were some pretty big events that happened in this episode. Here is the list. Ted meets the mother, Marshall and Lily have two more kids, Ted gets married, Ted has two kids of his own, Barney and Robin get a divorce, Robin pretty much ditches the whole group, Marshall and Lily move out of the apartment, Marshall becomes a judge, Marshall gets promoted again, Barney knocks a girl up, said girl has his kid, and then the shit that is the ending. It is a lot of stuff to cram into one episode. This material should have been covered over the last year; not the pointless wedding weekend.

The comedy in this episode was amazing, with hilarious call-backs to the “good” seasons. Cristin Milioti is amazing in every scene she was in and she should just pretty much marry me at this point. That is how perfect she is. Like, if Zooey Deschanel and Regina Spektor had a beautiful and perfect love child created somehow off of their perfect DNA, it would be Cristin Milioti. The one downside of this season is that they did not use nearly enough of her. I see her as a big missed opportunity for How I met Your Mother. I think if they introduced her a season ago and they really built up this relationship that her and Ted actually have, it would’ve been better. We did get to see flash forwards of some of the big moments of their relationship throughout the season, but I feel like if they actually had an entire season of them together, we could have gotten a better feel for the importance of this “true-love” relationship.

Let me be clear, this episode was amazing. This episode brought everything I wanted for the finale into it. They brought comedy, the feels, nice call backs, and Cristin Milioti. This episode was going to be a 10/10….until the last five minutes happened (but more on that later). Some definite highlights of this episode would be all of the serious moments. If you were a true fan of the show like me and stuck with it for every episode for nine seasons; you couldn’t help but get emotional at numerous parts. Pretty much any time Lily cried got to me. Neil Patrick Harris’ acting when he meets his newborn child for the first time almost had me in tears. That is how good he was. I was even okay with Robin leaving the group because she couldn’t look at Ted and the Mother together anymore. Like I said, I loved this episode until the end.

Now, let’s talk about that piece of shit ending. So, pretty much, Ted is talking to his kids about meeting the mother (whose name is Tracy, by the way) and it is revealed that she had gotten sick and has been gone for six years. The kids pretty much laugh off this story and tell him that its been about Aunt Robin the entire time. They can tell he has had a crush on her and should ask her out. Kill. Me. Now. So the series literally ends with Ted Mosby showing up outside of Robin’s apartment (which is odd that is the same place, considering she got super famous) with her 5 dogs and he holds up the french horn and it ends with Ted and Robin. Of fucking course it did. This was a slap in the face to any fan who has watched all of the episodes like I have. Now, I was worried that I was the only one who felt cheated by this ending. Nope. My entire family and pretty much every How I Met Your Mother fan out there shared my hatred for the ending. There are a token few who loved the ending because they felt it was always about Ted and Robin.

I’m sorry, was the show called How I Met Your Selfish Aunt Robin? No it is not. Let me be clear. I have never really liked the character of Robin. She was always selfish in her ways and wouldn’t change anything for anybody. And to be honest, she only rushed to Ted when she was in trouble in her life. Besides when they dated, she went to him for help with the Locket and when she found out she couldn’t have kids. Only when her life got fucked, did she even think about Ted. I could go on for hours on why this ending sucks ass. Ted has JUST closed the book on this girl in the previous episode. That took him nine seasons to do and I felt victorious for him when he closed that book. But it was all for nothing because it just got opened back up in the final moments.

I can see why the producers felt the way they did about Ted and Robin. I was on that ship for a while too. I wanted them to end up together…in season 2. They had chemistry and it worked. But then they wrote these characters apart for six or seven more seasons. The characters changed and developed into something different. And this is because of the writers. They drifted apart because the characters that they were, didn’t really exist anymore. They had this plan from the get-go how they wanted to end it and they should have re-thought it and changed it when they realized how different these characters were now.

This made Tracy seem all that much less important. Real fans of the show stuck with it to see who the Mother was. And Cristin Milioti breathed a new life into this show when it was honestly becoming rather dull. No, not becoming. It had been dull for a couple seasons. This episode made her seem like just another one of Ted’s girlfriends that led to Robin. This show always presented the Mother as Ted’s true love and his be-all-end-all love. And apart from Bob Saget telling us that, I didn’t even get that feeling from Ted and Tracy. Their chemistry was off the charts but the writers had to cram so much into this episode, that every moment felt rushed. You didn’t get the feeling that Tracy was head over heels in love with Ted. And you didn’t really see it with Ted either. Because they thought the flashforwards during the season were enough. They weren’t. This relationship is what every fan had been waiting for, and it was rushed. She seemed like a stepping stone to get to Robin. And that, my friends, is cheap. In one episode, they pretty much bailed on the entire show as a whole. We cared about the Mother. The Robin and Ted story was dragged on far too long and it grew stale really fast.

They set this show up as the love story of Ted and the Mother. But, in the end, it was a cop out. It was really a Ted and Robin love story all along. I still would have been okay with the Mother dying, if we even saw Ted mourn. But that was rushed too! We didn’t even see her die. We just got some “hey kids, your mom got sick and died” kind of bullshit. They ditched the entire concept of the show. And as mad as I am writing this, I had to wait two or three days to cool off before approaching this. I was fricken pissed and I would have made this a super long essay on why this show’s ending sucked balls. And it would have been perfect had it ended five minutes earlier. I loved Tracy and Ted and wanted a lot more of them. But, it wasn’t really about them. The producers can say they wanted to show that shit can happen at anytime in life, but this was not the way to do it. Not Ted and Robin. It was a slap in the face. And not a legendary one you’d see from a slapbet.

Watch this for what should have been the REAL ending:


+: Nice call backs to the earlier seasons

+:Funny moments and serious moments handled well

+: Ted and Tracy

+: Ted and the Mother’s first meeting was adorable as hell

+: Neil Patrick Harris’ amazing acting at the sight of Barney’s child

+: Cristin Milioti…always perfect







-: Robin. Because she’s Robin.

-: Again…THAT ENDING. Yes, it needed to be said that much. That’s how bad it was.

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