Community “Basic Story” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Jim Rash, Gillian Jacobs, and Jonathan Banks in Community

Community has always had it’s ups and downs. It is a bubble show every single year. Every year, fans pray and hope that this show gets renewed. And it comes down to the wire every year. The ratings are usually never there. But there is such a following with this show that it is difficult to just completely cancel it. Over the years, the term “six seasons and a movie” has become this huge phrase that the fans will shout and tweet whenever they can. It almost seems like Community can make it that far, if they go the distance. Which is why it was kind of humorous to have one of the final episodes of the season, and maybe of the series in general; about Greendale getting sold.

This episode was hilarious. There were nice callbacks to the very first episode, very funny laugh-out-loud moments, and of course some ridiculousness. After all, this is Community. The story started this week without a story. Everyone was relaxing in the study room because there was no drama going on. The committee had saved the school and it was running normally. Abed had an issue with this. To him, there is always a story. So he was going to go out of his way to find one. While the rest of the group had to deal with an insurance adjustor coming to Greendale to assess whether or not the property still held any value. As it turns out, it does. Which is what becomes a problem for the whole group.

Selling Greendale is kind of a big move, story-wise. It kind of replicates the process in real life in which this show goes through to find out if it is sticking around or not. We had some very funny lines this week. I loved the line that Jeff spoke when he said “The most boring things that’s happened here until Britta dated Troy.” I got a kick out of that line because that event happened during the lackluster and Dan Harmon-less fourth season. It fit right in there and made perfect sense. There were a lot more funny moments as well. Chang betraying the group again was hilarious because they all are used to it at this point and they even took notice that this may be the last time he gets to betray them. Other funny moments include a kid slurping soup, the Dean crying in his office wearing nothing but his underwear, and one of the last scenes made me laugh hysterically. When Abed, Dean Pelton, and Annie interrupt Jeff and Britta’s “almost-sexy-time” with a treasure map, I almost died of laughter. Not because of the ridiculous nature of the story, but because of the look on all three of their faces while they dance around, twitching in funky manners. I’m pretty sure Annie even “twerked” at one point. I hate that I even put that word into a sentence.

Another big event in this episode clearly was Britta and Jeff wanting to get married. I thought it was a nice touch with them reflecting on the very first episode. It was cute. But then they throw a change-up at you and Jeff comes up with the idea to get married. They both want to leave the school that may be gone forever with something, or someone. That would be each other. I’ve always liked the idea of Britta and Jeff more than Annie and Jeff mostly because of the weird age gap between Jeff and Annie. I also think that Gillian Jacobs and Joel McHale just naturally have better chemistry on-screen. So, consider me a fan. I approve of this union. But, it probably won’t even happen. I didn’t see any previews so I have no idea what is in store for us in the season finale next week, so we shall see. But, I think I can assume some weird stuff is going to happen.


+: Abed racing around in search of a story made me chuckle. Danny Pudi always kills it in this role because he is always consistently funny.

+: The end tag with John Oliver and Jonathan Banks was completely random (like they all are) but it was legitimately hilarious. Everytime John Oliver has been on-screen this season, he has been hilarious.

+: Britta and Jeff. I’m a fan.

+: Chang’s Subway dance and advertisement chant was awesome. And hilarious.

+: A two-part finale with an actual story…yeah, this isn’t last season. Dan Harmon makes a huge difference. This season has shown remarkable improvement over the lackluster season four.

+: Jim Rash, as always, makes me almost die of laughter (3 or 4 times this episode). But the last scene of him with Abed and Annie freaking out over the treasure map was absolutely hilarious. Also, a treasure map story. What the hell? Random and ridiculous. It’s Community, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


-: I personally didn’t find Michael McDonald very funny in his guest spot. I loved most of his work when he was on MadTV but I just didn’t find him very funny here.

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