The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 “A Crooked Mile” — VIDEO GAME REVIEW

The Wolf Among Us is a very interesting and involving game. And I hate reviewing games like this. They come in parts, a month or so apart from each other. The Walking Dead  does the same exact thing. They should; they are made from the same company in Telltale Games. Both of these series are very good. I can’t fully judge this game yet as a whole until I get an ending. I feel bad for saying this, but only three episodes in, I like The Wolf Among Us better than The Walking Dead. And that isn’t to detract from how good of a game that one really is. I just like this one more so far. It is extremely engaging, filled with characters I grew up watching in cartoons or reading in books or seeing in a Disney movie. So I have established that as a whole, I love The Wolf Among Us. But how does the newest episode, “A Crooked Mile,” rank up there with the other two?

This episode continues the story right where I left off. And that is with Lily’s death. Right from the get-go we continue the hunt. I don’t really want to dive into any of the story just in case some readers haven’t played through yet. But the story really picks up in this episode. There is more plot, more developments move forward, time is definitely of the essence, and you really get to investigate and flesh out some of these characters. You get introduced to a few new key players and I’m hooked. I want to know more about them. Almost instantly you are forced to choose to go to one of three different places and the consequences of not picking a certain one can really eat at you.

You also get to choose what kind of character you want Bigby to be at this point. Because after two episodes of this thing, I’m pissed off and want to catch the killer. I also want to punch Ichabod Crane in the face. But sometimes you have to swallow your pride to be a better person and do the right thing. That is where I am taking Bigby. I am letting him actually show sympathy and feel things for other characters and not just himself. I may let what Snow White thinks of me affect my decisions a little too much. But I want Bigby to be more than just a dick who can turn into a monster if he wants to. I want to be the guy who can control it and still be a decent dude.

Some of the choices you are forced to make kind of suck, but that’s the point. They are supposed to be difficult choices and I used all of my limited time to pick a choice nearly every time. That shows how tough some of these choice and conversations are. You are given sort of a time limit so there definitely is a sense of urgency with this episode. By the end, it seemed like I had chosen most of the popular choices made by everyone else. There are a lot of story elements that I love and that I am excited to see be fleshed out in the upcoming episodes. It does make the two month wait suck all that much more.

And how about that final cutscene? Holy crap. Talk about intensity to the max volume. They took it to eleven in that scene. There was a sense of mystery and anger to that scene. Kind of spoilers here: but you finally go full Wolf at the end. I’m not going to say anything else specific, but you are given a lot of power in that final scene. And it is up to you how you use it. Once again, for me, I wanted to still be in full control of myself, even as the Wolf, so I chose a certain option. Like I said above, these choices are usually never easy. But in that scene, we are introduced to easily one of the coolest adversaries we’ve encountered so far. I’m excited to learn more about that character. But I also just want to rip that character’s throat out after what happens. If I had one word to describe that final scene, it would be “epic.” With an ending like that, this two month wait is going to take forever!


+: The choices you are forced to make in this episode are mostly very difficult to make. I love feeling conflicted when playing a video game. It means you care about the characters. And the one thing this game does extremely well; is making me care for its’ characters.

+: Time is of the essence and the sense of urgency really propels the plot to new heights, introducing us to brand new characters while letting us investigate and find new plot threads. None of it is bad. All of it is interesting, yet we know little to nothing about these new developments. Can’t wait to learn more.

+: Being able to sculpt this character in the way I want is freeing. You can be the dick or try and be a nice guy. Or something kind of in the middle of the two. It gives you the power to be who you want and it is done in a fantastic way.

+: That final scene. Intense, mysterious, gripping, and epic. One of the best, if not the best moment in the entire game so far. Across all three chapters have I felt so intense about a scene. Good job, Telltale.

+: Dealing with a drunk Gren is hilarious. Especially when the message drops down and says “Gren won’t remember this” because he is so wasted. Hilarious moment.


-: Sometimes the plot moves too fast and I can’t explore all of things I want to. Sometimes the next scene starts before you can investigate everything, depending on what order you click the items on. Not really a major gripe, but its something that bugged me a bit.

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