Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues — MOVIE REVIEW

Meagan Good and Will Ferrell in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

What did I just watch? Seriously, I don’t get it. I most certainly don’t get how 75% of the critics can like this movie. Going into this, just know that I am going to hate all over this. If you absolutely loved this movie and don’t want to read someone bashing it beyond belief, you have officially been warned.

Going into this movie, I tried to re-watch the first Anchorman movie, just to kind of get into that groove with that style of comedy. When I first saw Anchorman in theaters when it first came out, I loved it. I laughed at the entire movie and was entertained beyond measuring. But I was also a freshman in high school. I was an immature kid who found this crap funny. When I tried again, now ten years later, to watch it; there were disastrous results. I remember laughing so hard that it brought me to tears. And now, I couldn’t even crack a smile or a chuckle at any of this stuff. So after experiencing that, I knew that this would be rough for me.

And I was right. So the story picks up with Ron Bergundy (Will Ferrell) and his wife Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) working together, awaiting a promotion. Only things don’t go as expected. Veronica receives said promotion and Ron gets fired. Walking out on his wife after she chooses the job over him, Ron falls into a strand of crappy jobs that he messes up because he acts like a child. But he meets Freddie Shapp (Dylan Baker), a representative of GNN, which is supposed to be the first 24-hour news network. So he goes on a trip to get the gang back together. So we see him fetch good ole Champ Kind (David Koechner), Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), and Brick Tamland (Steve Carell). But it isn’t all fun and games. This 24-hour new network is seen as a joke. Now, it seems like a common thing; but in the movie, no one thinks it would even work. So he gets into a feud with a rival anchor named Jack Lime (James Marsden) over the time slot they will be working in. Then shenanigans and more shenanigans ensue. There really isn’t much plot in this movie, just like the first one.

I know this is a kind-of satire. I know what it is poking fun at, I just don’t find it fun or funny in any way. Most of the jokes landed flat with me. I laughed maybe two or three times in the entire movie. The amount of celebrity cameos in this thing is ridiculous (although the “fight” was kind of funny even if it didn’t replicate the awesome one from the first film). This movie is also way too long. I did say there isn’t much story, but a lot of stuff does happen. You could have probably made three different comedies with this movie. But they crammed it all in, and I was dreading it the entire time. When you keep checking the time so you know how long you have until the movie is over, that is a bad sign.

I did like some things though. Some of the new characters were actually entertaining and somewhat interesting. Linda Jackson, played by Meagan Good, is a standout. I found her to be strong, funny, and interesting. I can say one thing about Will Ferrell though. When he commits to a role, he REALLY commits to a role. He doesn’t go out of character ever and he sticks with this ridiculous character for the entire ride. He has so much energy that he puts into this role, it is ridiculous and awesome at the same time. And they tried to give Ron a family story, with the trouble of bonding with his son. But I didn’t care. Because I knew what they were doing. They wanted to set that up so he can make a choice at the end. This is a comedy, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t completely predictable.

I also kind of liked that they tried to send a message across about the news. About what is actual news and what is entertainment that is put on a news channel just to get higher ratings. But, I’ve seen that before. I’ve seen that done much more effectively on HBO’s The Newsroom. Ron Bergundy can have all of the charisma he wants. But he still will never be Will McAvoy. But I liked that they tried to go that route. But it was undermined by the fact that the entire movie was spent fighting for those ratings. All of a sudden, at the end, there’s an epiphany where Ron just realizes that he isn’t reporting real news. But I will say that I found the “car chase” news story to be really funny, if just because of Will Ferrell’s excitement and energy in that scene.

The last quarter of the movie is complete garbage, the cool fight aside. It is random and ridiculous and makes no sense. Plus there are things that are so impossible, that it just makes me shake my head. Comedies like this go for that kind of thing and we are supposed to go along with it, but this was just too much torture for me to endure. The fact that they tried to give Ron a cool moment at the end where he makes his big choice was a nice idea. But it was an idea that was tossed aside. Immediately after that takes place, it goes right back into the immature and stupid kind of stuff that happened for the rest of the movie. I know this movie has a following and a huge amount of fans, but I just can’t be one of them anymore. I have grown up and grown tired of the immaturity and stupidity that is put into these movies to be passed off as comedy. It is not funny to me anymore. So do me a favor, in ten years, don’t try and make another one. Please and thank you.


Will Ferrell as Ron Bergundy
Christina Applegate as Veronica Corningstone
Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana
Steve Carell as Brick Tamland
David Koechner as Champ Kind
Meagan Good as Linda Jackson
Dylan Baker as Freddie Shapp
Judah Nelson as Walter Bergundy
James Marsden as Jack Lime
Greg Kinnear as Gary
Kristen Wiig as Chani Lastnamé
Aubrey “Drake” Graham as Soul Brother
Fred Ward as Ed Harken
Chris Parnell as Garth
and Harrison Ford as Mack Tannen


+: Will Ferrell has an energy and excitement about him that is difficult to miss. He really digs into characters and doesn’t quit until the job is done. Kudos to him. And his dinner scene with Meagan Good’s character and her family was really funny.

+: Kristen Wiig was quite humorous as the love interest to Steve Carell’s character; and they worked well off of each other.

+: The big “fight” even if the amount of celebrity cameos was ridiculous (Will Smith, Liam Neeson, Jim Carrey, Kanye West, Marion Cotillard, John C. Reilly, Vince Vaughn again, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Sacha Baron Cohen…all in one big fight).

+: Meagan Good stood out as one of the few noteworthy newly introduced characters, as she actually was a strong and independent character. Even if she got a bit ridiculous at some point as well.

+: Okay, that “Ode to Doby” was pretty funny. A song about a shark was completely random but made me laugh.


-: Everything else.

-: The amount of cameos was distracting

-: Jokes fell flat. Comedy was off. Random and immature ridiculousness does not count as funny to me.

-: I felt that Brian Fantana, Brick, and Champ were all under-used. They have a lot more to offer than what they had to do.

-: This movie did manage to make me laugh. Unfortunately, that is only about ten minutes out of a 2 hour movie.


-: The last act is really bad. Almost like it was written by someone completely different. The first 2/3 of the movie was at least tolerable. The last act was not.

-: Why, Harrison Ford? WHY?

-: Lastly, the fact that this is actually liked by the majority of the critics out there. This was a giant waste of two hours of my life that I will never get back. Never again, Ron Bergundy. Never. Again.

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