Game of Thrones “The Lion and the Rose” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

Natalie Dormer and Jack Gleeson in Game of Thrones

SPOILER ALERT. That is your first warning. Game of Thrones does it again. They give us a fantastic episode that centers around a wedding. Except, not as much bloodshed this time. No bloodshed to be exact. But that ending will have fans cheering for hours. It was nice to see that George R.R. Martin wrote the episode. I like that for the big episodes, or at least the ones that he is passionate about; he gets to come on and write the scenes how he wants. So lets dig into “The Lion and the Rose.”

So let’s get right into it. We had a couple different stories. We had The Royal Wedding, Bran touching a tree, Stannis doing Lord of the Light stuff, and the Boltons doing Bolton-esque things. The descriptions are vague and sound silly, but this really was one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones I’ve seen. And there are oh so many great ones. Those wedding episode will get you every time.

SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned for the second and final time. There were many amazing moments in this episode this week. Joffrey was a huge douchebag the entire episode. They wanted him to go out with a bang I suppose. As if we didn’t remember all of the horrible things he has done. We don’t remember him almost stripping Sansa of her clothes in the Throne Room. Or piercing Ros full of arrows from his bow gun. Or being the cause of the death of Lady. Or you know, that Ned Stark guy. They really amped up his douchbaggery in this one though. There was a moment where I thought they’d make him nice before killing the little prick off. But, nope, he was horrible up until the moment he was choking and gasping for air. And I was smiling the entire time.

I was wondering if it would be the same as in the books. I had a little bit of doubt that it would be identical to the books. Then I remembered that George R.R. Martin wrote it, so it would be pretty damn close. But I will admit that I got complete satisfaction over Joffrey getting killed. Yes, he wasn’t stabbed multiple times in the throat like I had wished. But a death is a death. And I for one, am glad that piece of human garbage is dead. I am definitely not alone in that.

In other news, we got some really good scenes with the other stories as well. Bran “warging” through Summer and hunting was really well done. The CGI looked pretty damn good. And the tree scene where he got all these glimpses of events that have transpired all across the land was little bit weird to me at first. But it was well executed and looked really cool. Now he has somewhere else they must travel to. And hearing Hodor say “Hodor” always makes me smile.

Then we see Theon being Ramsay Snow’s little bitch. That shaving scene was awesome. The amount of control he has over Theon is ridiculous. It reminded me of that scene in Django Unchained where Leonardo DiCaprio talks about how his father got shaved by his African-American slave all the time and he never once tried to cut his throat. Good scene in both forms of entertainment and it just kind of reminded me of that. We got other good scenes before the Royal Dick Death as well. Watching Oberyn chew dialogue right at Cersei and Tywin was awesome. Their conversation was filled with back and forth and you could just sense the hatred. Also, Bronn and Jaime training is a fantastic idea. A good banter that I hope we see even more of.

Also, Cersei being a bitch to everybody was no surprise. But Lena Headey just plays it so damn well. I was not a huge fan of Brienne alluding to being in love with Jaime. I kind of figured they’d go that way but I never really got that vibe in the books. It was more of a partnership and eventual friendship. Never got a romance vibe from it. So I just hope they don’t make her pine for Jaime. That would piss me off. But the amount of comedy and the “WHAT A DICK!” moments in King’s Landing are enough to build up the tension of the final moments.

This episode was awesome in almsot every way. It was one of the best I’ve seen from this show. I expected to leave the episode happy, but I left it extremely happy. All smiles from me, friends. Joffrey, I hope you choke for eternity, you prick. Also, sorry Tyrion. You’re about to have not such a fun time. Stannis didn’t do much but I’m excited for where his story is headed.



+: The amount of tension between Oberyn and Tywin/Cersei was awesome to see. These are people who are far from fans of each other and the spitfire back and forth was really cool.

+: Bran’s stuff was pretty interesting.

+: Jaime and Bronn. Yes thank you, more please!

+: Roose, Theon, and Ramsay. Really cool scene.

+: I hate the crappy things Joffrey did in this episode. But I loved why they did it; and the outcome. Once again, YES! HE’S DEAD!

+: Cersei being a bitch is dramatic and television gold. Lena Headey had some awesome acting this episode.

+: Good acting from everyone. And I love it.


-: Brienne alluding to loving Jaime. Ugh. No, please don’t go there. Don’t take it further. I didn’t get that vibe in the books and I really don’t want it in the show.

-: Shae is getting on my nerves. I don’t care about her anymore but damn. Tone it down.

-: Stannis’ story was a little on the weak side (not as weak as Dany’s last week) but I am excited for where it is going. He still needed the set-up he didn’t get in the premiere.

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