Arrow “Seeing Red” — TV EPISODE REVIEW

Stephen Amell, Susanna Thompson, and some random dude in Arrow

This is a review. So major spoilers will be included.

How good is Arrow? I mean, seriously, this show keeps getting better and better. This season has improved on almost every fault that season one had. Let’s see…I hated Laurel, I loved Slade, and I hated Thea. We got less Laurel, more Slade, and unfortunately not less Thea. Two out of three isn’t bad. But the acting has gotten way better, the action scenes have been better choreographed, and the story keeps you guessing. What more can you ask for? “Seeing Red” brings us in pretty much where the last episode left us; with Roy waking up from his Mirakuru coma. And casualties occurred.

So, here are the stories for the week. Roy all hopped up on Mirakuru pretty much goes nuts and beats the living daylights out of anyone that goes near him. Oliver and company want to stop him, while Sara wants to put him down…for good. Moira is thinking about stepping down out of the mayoral race to mend her relationship with Thea. And Thea is worried about Roy. Those are our stories.

We don’t get much from Sebastian Blood or Slade Wilson this week. Until that ending, that is. The flashbacks that we got came from Moira this time, instead of Oliver. Which probably should have been a red flag to me as an avid television viewer, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. But we got some weird moments in her flashbacks, as Oliver apparently knocked a girl up in his younger and more wild days. We were given a glimpse into Moira’s mind and how much she actually cares for her family. It was effective for the most part.

The whole “Roy going evil” story didn’t really sink with me. Mostly because he said like two words the entire episode and kind of just destroyed things. But, throwing that guy’s head through the car window looked badass. But it was just very almost Terminator-esque. Almost too robotic. He was going on a rampage and no one could stop him. And that is where the Sara and Oliver dilemma came in. She wanted to kill him and he wanted to save him. They used this as a plot device to send Sara off on her own thing. Which is good because I was starting to get bored of her and Ollie’s relationship.

The only Laurel we got this week was in a flashback so it was technically still “decent” Laurel and not her present day garbage self. But we got a lot of Thea material. I’m not the biggest fan of Willa Holland and I never have been. So I always like it when we see her less. They’ve been giving her more and more screen time and its okay. Her acting isn’t bad, I just don’t like her. Its a personal preference kind of thing.

But that ending though….I did NOT see that coming. Moira was this close to telling her kids that Merlyn is still alive and kicking. But then Slade had to come in a mess all of that up. I thought the episode was over when the car crash happened, but then I checked the time and there was ten minutes remaining. I had no idea what was in store for me. But Slade setting up a similar scenario for Oliver that took Shado from him, was dark. Making him choose to save one member of his family was genius. Why did I never think this would happen? It is genius writing and the acting in this scene gave me chills. Stephen Amell, Manu Bennett, Susanna Thompson, and Willa Holland all killed it in this scene. But the tragic nature of what happened is, well…tragic. Moira doesn’t allow Oliver to choose. She stands up and makes the choice for Oliver. But Slade puts his gun away and commends her for her courage, something Oliver lacks. And then he drives his sword right through her heart, killing her. Thea and Oliver’s reactions were sad and perfect.

That episode escalated quickly and I had no idea what was going to happen. When Stephen Amell goes on Facebook and hypes up an episode, he isn’t fucking around. This episode was fantastic. Setting up a Sebastian Blood mayoral win is great for storylines. But having Moira’s death come right after her telling Oliver that she has known since last season’s finale about him being The Arrow is heartbreaking. Especially after she tells him she is proud of him. This episode kills me. Just fantastic and sad and tragic. Only three episodes left…I’m done trying to predict anything.


+: Good acting all around, especially when it got towards the end of the episode.

+: I like the route they are taking with Sebastian Blood. It is making things with his character more interesting. Which is a welcome change, since he has been relegated to the sidelines as of late.

+: Susanna Thompson KILLED IT in this episode. Flashbacks and present day, she brought the acting goodies. She was able to show us just how deeply she cares for her family.

+: That ending….SLAAADDDDEEEEE

+: The feels.


-: Robotic Roy

-: Thea, for half of this episode, really annoyed me. She keeps getting more screen time. But the second half of the episode, it was much better.

-: Sara’s dilemma. I understand its a way to get her and Oliver away from each other; but I just didn’t buy it that much.

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