Edge of Tomorrow — MOVIE REVIEW

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow

I don’t know what sold me more on this movie. Tom Cruise or Emily Blunt. Neither of them had disappointed me when it comes to them starring in sci-fi movies as of yet. Tom Cruise was 2 for 2 in his sci-fi films. And Emily Blunt was 1 1/2 out of 2 in hers. I personally liked Oblivion and absolutely loved Minority Report. And when it came to Emily Blunt, I was a big fan of Looper and I kind of liked The Adjustment Bureau. But I saw Doug Liman’s name attached to direct this movie and I started to worry. The guy who did Mr. and Mrs. Smith is doing a science fiction movie? I was not excited. But the story had me hooked. It came off as a combination of Elysium and Source Code. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing had remained to be seen. But how did this movie fare?

Tom Cruise has played many kinds of characters, but this one was still different for him. He is always the bad ass action hero who can save the day. And that is what I was expecting out of him in this movie. But that isn’t the character he had to play. That role belonged to Emily Blunt. In here, she was the ultimate bad ass. She knew everything, had all of the skills, and even had to train Tom Cruise for days on end in the movie. Tom Cruise had to play a coward. That’s right, not a typical cliched action hero, but a guy who really did not want to fight at all. Tom Cruise can stop trying to impress us now, we get it. You can pretty much own any role that is thrown at you; duly noted.

The story is simple yet complicated. An alien race has hit Earth and is pretty much taking over Europe. No military really can stop them. Major William Cage (Cruise) is an officer who never had to face a single day of combat until now. He is dropped onto a military base, forced to fight on the front lines using technology he has never used before. It amounts to a suicide mission because he is killed within minutes. But because of certain circumstances, Cage finds himself living the same brutal day over and over again in a time loop. Fighting and dying on repeat. But with each day and each battle, Cage becomes more able to engage the enemies with increasing skill, due to the help of Rita Vrataski (Blunt); a badass soldier with a little experience in what Cage is going through. They have to work together to defeat the enemy, over and over again.

The story could have gone many different ways but it was extremely well executed here. Doug Liman inserted the right amount of action, drama, and comedy to make it flow very well. Plus, if you hate Tom Cruise; seeing him die in numerous comedic ways just may be the event you have been waiting for. But ultimately, it seemed realistic in the movie for how Cruise’s character reacted to every situation and what he tried to do to improve each day. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. The cool thing is that at certain times, you don’t know how many times he has lived that day and no idea how many times he has had certain encounters or conversations with certain people. It is definitely interesting and entertaining. And where Source Code got repetitive after a while, Edge of Tomorrow never wears out its welcome and knows when to switch things up.

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are awesome in their roles. Emily Blunt can pretty much play any role in a science fiction movie and I’ll go see it. I think she is a very good actress and she definitely shows it here, with her presence and physicality. It is hard to make Tom Cruise look like a pussy, but she does it with ease. Cruise and Blunt’s interactions with each other are usually entertaining, especially at the beginning when she just keeps killing him. But if anyone was worried that Tom Cruise would fall into the rut that actors like Liam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Nicolas Cage have fallen into; you have nothing to worry about. Tom Cruise won’t be starring in an action movie ironically in the near future like those three do. Tom Cruise proves he can still carry a movie at his age, and that he can still knock it out of the park acting-wise.

The supporting actors are there more for comedic relief. Brendan Gleeson plays a dick of a General very well. You will love to hate him in the few minutes of screen time he is given. Bill Paxton repeats himself a lot, but the more he talks, the harder you will laugh. The other key player is Game of Thrones‘ actor Noah Taylor. He plays Dr. Carter, the guy who pretty much has to give the audience all of the technical and technological information to have this all make sense. It is pretty easy to follow even when it sounds complicated. He is pretty likable here, unlike his character in Game of Thrones.

The action looks really good. This is what I wanted Elysium to be. A movie with awesome looking science fiction action, but also with characters that are well written, well developed, and an actual story we give two shits about. Edge of Tomorrow happens to exceed at all of these things and that is why I liked this movie as much as I did. The ending may have Hollywood’s stamp all over it, but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as the ending to Oblivion, which I still liked.

This was definitely one of the better movies I have seen this summer so far. And that isn’t knocking the other movies, because we have already had a stride of really good summer blockbusters so far. This was enjoyable, fun, and filled with characters and moments that will make you laugh and smile. This is exactly what I wanted this movie to be.


+: Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt both shine in their roles. Cruise goes against type and proves he can still carry a movie, no matter what the role is. Emily Blunt does well in her role as well, making her look much more badass than Cruise. Look at her arms in this movie. Holy amounts of muscle.

+: Good chemistry between the leads.

+: Story that never went overboard and never wore out its welcome. Very interesting concept that was executed very well and in a smart way. All of the ingredients worked: comedy, action, and drama.

+: Awesome-loooking sci-fi action scenes

+: Supporting characters did well with their roles, mostly in a comedic fashion.

+: Tom Cruise and science fiction go really really well together.


-: The ending may have you scratching your head on the “hows” and “whys,” and it screams Hollywood ending; even if it isn’t bad (not even close to the final minute of Oblivion).

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