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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 “A Crooked Mile” — VIDEO GAME REVIEW

The Wolf Among Us is a very interesting and involving game. And I hate reviewing games like this. They come in parts, a month or so apart from each other. The Walking Dead  does the same exact thing. They should; they are made from the same company in Telltale Games. Both of these series are very good. I can’t fully judge this game yet as a whole until I get an ending. I feel bad for saying this, but only three episodes in, I like The Wolf Among Us better than The Walking Dead. And that isn’t to detract from how good of a game that one really is. I just like this one more so far. It is extremely engaging, filled with characters I grew up watching in cartoons or reading in books or seeing in a Disney movie. So I have established that as a whole, I love The Wolf Among Us. But how does the newest episode, “A Crooked Mile,” rank up there with the other two? Continue reading

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Infamous: Second Son — VIDEO GAME REVIEW

So, I will start this review out by stating that I never actually beat the first two Infamous games. But I had heard that it really wasn’t necessary in order for me to play this one, so I never got around to it. But I will say that playing this game makes we want to go back and play them even more. I had a blast playing Infamous: Second Son. Delsin is an awesome character. Continue reading

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes — VIDEO GAME REVIEW

“Kept you waiting, huh?”

At last we get the awaited newest entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. This game, as it turns out, isn’t a full game. It is the prequel to the official next installment, which is called Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. Now, when you pick up this game, there is a possibility you will be slightly disappointed. If you are disappointed, it is because 1.) You are not a true MGS fan or 2.) You are not a true MGS fan. That is what it comes down to. If you love the MGS series, then you will love this game. Yes, it is short. Apparently, someone completed it in ten minutes with skipping all the cutscenes and just getting right down to it. Well let me get right down to it. This game is beautiful. It looks beautiful, it plays beautifully. And it has an extremely high replay value. And while it only took me about an hour and a half to two hours to complete, this is definitely a game I will be playing again. Continue reading

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Is The Last of Us Movie a Good Idea? — Also Casting Choices

So if you haven’t heard, it is true. The Last of Us is being made into a movie. It has been confirmed. The Last of Us was by far, the best game to come out in the past year and there is a reason for that. It has a fantastic story, some of the best characters I’ve ever seen in a video game, graphics to die for, heart-wrenching emotional moments, amazing voice-acting, and an ending that will leave you feeling….feelings. But is it even a good idea to try and mimic this one-of-a-kind video game on the big screen? Isn’t that the question of the day (Ever since seeing Dane DeHaan in the Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer, I’ve always wanted to say that)? Continue reading

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