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Under the Skin — MOVIE REVIEW

Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin

What the hell did I just watch? That statement is probably what at least half of the people who watched this film said. You ever go to see a movie at a theater with people you love discussing films with and have the entire car ride home be silent because you don’t know what to say? Yeah, that probably happened a lot here. Continue reading

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Emjay Anthony, Jon Favreau, and Sofia Vergara in Chef

It has become kind of a cool thing to hate on Jon Favreau. People started to dislike him for giving us Iron Man 2. Others hate him for numerous other reasons. But he has become his own underdog and this new movie of his kind of feels like it’s an underdog too. Chef tells us the story about one fantastic chef and the road he travels when he has to start fresh. This concept has been done before, but Favreau’s take on it feels brand new. Continue reading

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In a World… — MOVIE REVIEW

Lake Bell directed, wrote, and stars in In a World…

In a world where all we payed attention to were box-office blockbusters and horror films, and independent films such as In a World… get pushed off to the side and viewed by virtually nobody, Lake Bell would be doing what exactly? Who is Lake Bell? Do any of you actually know of her? Yes, she is that actress who plays the funny best friend who steals all of the scenes she appears in; in all of those crappy romantic comedies like What Happens in Vegas. But we really don’t know her. In that world where indie flicks get pushed to the side, that is what Lake Bell would be relegated to. That is who she would be to all of us. But I am happy that I don’t live in horrible sounding world. 
Continue reading

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